Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ammon's Birthday

 This little munchkin is ONE!

We had lots of family over to celebrate. I was so happy to have my parents and brothers here to join us!

Strawberry picking with grandma and uncles

No toy can compare to an empty cereal box or a roll of toilet paper
 Some of my favorite things about Ammon:

  • He is so happy! He has such a contagious exuberance for life. A pile of stuffed animals, laundry, or even an air mattress make him laugh as he pounces on it. 
  • He loves ordinary objects. The recycling and Tupperware drawers hold wealth of interesting objects far superior to toys. He likes to take things out and put them back in.
  • He loves to pretend to talk on the phone. And he'll use anything as a phone. Books, diapers, cups, remotes... if it can fit in his hand it can be a phone. 

 Quin was pretty impressed by my parent's moving truck. He said to my mom "I'm so proud of you for driving the yellow monster truck."

 He has really enjoyed having fun uncles to play with. Trevor showed him the "beep beep I'm a sheep" video and Quin sings it as he jumps on the trampoline.
Quin's love for all things Moana has grown. He likes to "dress up" as Maui. Which is to say he chooses the shirt and shorts on the top in his dresser and calls them a Maui costume. He often takes his fish hook with him to the store and park.

Monster truck ride at the mall in Albany

When Michael went on a business trip to Portand we thought it would be a good idea to go visit him at the hotel. My cousins watched the kids so I could go to the temple and then we took the kids to Red Robin. Quin was really tired and had a rough night. At one point he fell out of his chair and landed on his head. I took him out to the atrium to cry so we wouldn't bother the other eaters. He wailed for a few minutes and then suddenly stopped and calmly said "I'm all done." and got off my lap and we walked back into the restaurant. He was having a hard time falling asleep so we took them to walk around the temple to wear him out. He was really impressed.

 But after getting back to the hotel he still wouldn't sleep until after 10 PM. The next day we set off for the Gilbert house to meet Rachel and Jennifer and the cousins. Quin was so tired he screamed more than he played. But Ammon had a pretty good time.
Quin was pretty grumpy at the Gilbert house but he loved this ice cream toy
Playing at the Gilbert house

Helping with the flooring and the Dodge Grandparents'

Everyone has been loving all the grandma time. Ammon lights up when he sees her and reaches out to be held