Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy Hiking and Cute Kids

We enjoyed a nice visit from Nathan, Valerie, Meryl, and Camille. I love how clean the house gets when you're expecting company. I organized the garage, pantry, kid's closets. My house looked amazing! Well, relatively.... compared to how it usually looked. I was so busy tidying random areas that they wouldn't see I forgot basic hospitality things, like clean towels and extra toilet paper in the bathrooms. Realized it after they left. Sorry guys :( I'll do better next time you visit!
They had dinner with us, played with the kids, and then we played our favorite board game, Splendor. The next morning I took them to McDowell Creek Falls. I had been there for the first time last Monday when Michael took me there on a date.
It was a great hike! A little cold and I didn't dress the kids warmly enough, but everyone survived. Quin walked for about half of the hike! I think it might have been that he was afraid to get back in the carrier on Nathan's back.

Quin was confused by my dad's identical twin brother and his wife, who could pass as my mom's twin. He was really nervous around them at first. During dinner Quin leaned over to me and whispered "is that grandma?" After they left he referred to them as "grandpa and Valerie."

Here's the latest in Cuteville: 
Ammon loves being outside. If I take him out when he's grumpy it quickly cheers him up. Despite his love of the outdoors, he hates hats. He can whip one off his head .5 seconds after I've carefully laid it there. He also removes the hats and glasses other people are wearing if they let him get close enough to their face.
It makes him really excited to see dogs and he will crawl towards them to try to pet.
He loves doors and often pushes them back and forth. He also really likes driving cars around. He "drives" everything around actually; books, helicopters, space ships, burp rags... He pushes everything across the floor as if it was a car. He likes to push scooters around outside. It's pretty funny to watch his one-knee crawl as he zooms across the patio.
He likes to dance. Even if the only music is Quin playing the drums, he bends his knees in a springy, bouncy dance.

A new favorite trick he learned is holding a phone up to his ear and babbling. It's so cute and I want to take a video but he usually does it with my phone, which is where the camera is. He also sometimes uses other non-phone toys as phones, such as toy cutlery.
He came up with the funniest pose. He holds his arm outstretched in front of him with his fingers closed together (if his hand is empty or it's even funnier when he's holding a toy) as if to say "BEHOLD!" But what he usually says is "mgab." He does this several times a day!
I'm pretty sure he said his first word on Friday. He reached up and gave me a big hug, patted me on the shoulder, and said "mama."

Quin really wanted Ammon to snuggle with and sleep next to him tonight. He was so disappointed when we said "no." Pretty soon they'll share a room but right now they enjoy each other's company so much I don't think they would ever sleep.
When Quin wants to play with us he hands out a monster truck to each person in the room. Our current favorite movie is Moana and favorite song is "You're Welcome" (as I'm sure is true with many households). Quin likes to do a haka imitation. It's more like an aggressive patty cake dance, but he really gets into it and chants made up Hawaiian sounding words.