Wednesday, March 29, 2017

February Fun

Quin loves opening packages. He calls everything a "surprise." While I was in the shower he had a blast opening some "surprise packages" that turned out to be feminine hygiene products :/

I ordered the original Wallace and Gromit shorts with my Christmas money. When the package arrived, Quin was really excited to open it. He exclaimed: "Thank you so much!" He loves the part where Wallace is riding the motorcycle with the sheep. He wanted to eat some cheese like Wallace so we had a picnic in the living room while we watched A Grand Day Out. Ammon joined us and really enjoyed crushing the leftover crackers and muffin. 

 Quin translations and quotes:
"I don't bathroom!" = I don't want to put on my bathrobe
"Give you up!" = pick me up. I usually Rick Roll him back
"It's dark in da air" = It's dark in here
"So souwicious" = so delicious
 "Batman Biel bike" = a ride on batmobile toy
"I bloke dat" = I broke that. He says it with confidence and no shame.
"spicy saurus" = Spinosaurus. He can identify a surprising number of dinosaurs.
"nudicycle" = motorcycle
When I ask "are you a girl or a boy?" He enthusiastically says "girl!" He thinks it's funny.
At the Dr. a medical assistant smiled at Quin and said "Hi! How are you?" In a level tone Quin responded with "Paw Patrol." I guess he saw some Paw Patrol stickers a minute before?
I took Quin to the dollar store to spend some of his birthday money and I think that was a mistake. He is constantly begging to go back and buy more junk. After saying "no" repeatedly he said "I've an idea. Let's go to the toy store! Hooray!"
Quin likes to take care of his baby brother. The other day he was trying to take Ammon away while I was nursing him, saying "take care of Ammon! Turn wif Ammon" He always points it out if Ammon is sitting in his high chair without cheerios on the tray. "Baby da eat some cheerios?" He will sometimes spontaneously give him toys and snuggles. Ammon has a shrill happy sound that he makes when he is tired. It makes Quin laugh and Quin says "that's so squeaky!." Ammon is always so happy when he sees Quin for the first time in the morning or after a nap. 
"reading" to Ammon

Super boys

Quin likes to identify the parts of Ammon's face

Quin says "oh no" at inappropriate times. Like when he decides to go into the bathroom he says "oh no, the bathroom." Or when he's happy to see someone he says "oh no, it's momma!" He also says "that's terrible!" when there's nothing terrible happening. It cracks us up.

Quin got really interested in spelling lately. I would like to thank Blippi for this awesomeness. Quin can spell his name, Blippi, cat, and zoo. He likes to read the letters on things, like billboards and cereal boxes (o-a-t-s, cheerios!). It was funny when he read the letters on Ammon's shirt "h-u-n-k." He loves to arrange the fridge magnets into words. This was from before we started working on spelling his name:
Now he can arrange the letters into "Q-u-i-n."
Ammon cut his first tooth around January 15th. He is working on a couple more currently and is not happy unless he has something to put in his mouth and chew on. His babbling is more complex and adorable and he can roll, pivot, get on his hands and knees and rock, and will be crawling any second.
He likes to be on his side so he can grab toys easier and see what Quin is doing. We call it his "picture by the pool pose." It's funny when he puts his hand on his hip and looks over at us like he's posing for a magazine cover. He spends a lot of his time in this pose! 

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