Monday, January 2, 2017

Year in Review 2016

2016 went off with a bang as Michael was laid off and then re-hired for a new position at the same company. He works for Copytronix at U of O as a copier technician.
Quin quotes: He likes to sing the alphabet song but is unsure about how the very last part goes. So he sings "xyz. Noah, Noah, Noah..."

Quin "helping" me pack
Quin helping Great Grandma pack some books

We moved to Springfield!
Had a nice visit with my mom when she stopped in Oregon on her way to Hawaii with her mom, sister, and aunt. Highlights of the trip:
  • Portland Zoo
    • Quin's favorite part was doing baby parkour on the the ramps, stairs, and walkways. He also thought the elephants, penguins and ducks were pretty cool. 

  • Eugene Children's Museum
  • Hiking Spencer Butte

Cool Quin stuff: Likes to beat box, dance and play the drums. Sometimes all at once. 

Quin quotes: He celebrates the things he loves by saying "hooray! Da momma! Hooray! Da daddy! Hooray! Da two! Hooray! Da sheep!" ect ect. He throws both arms in the air at each "hooray!" He also will say "oh no! Da ____!" in a soft, high pitched voice. I think it's mostly when something falls down.
We were sick a lot in March. Colds followed by pink eye followed by more colds.

Quin memories: Quin is very social and enjoys talking on the phone. He will talk about cows and numbers and sometimes throw his head back and laugh during a "conversation." When he wants people to come over he knocks on our front door-from the inside. He loves the fish at the pet store and says "hi fish" to each tank.

I planted a garden.

Chocolate milk at the park!

Quin loves coloring. Especially with markers

Baby shower

Enjoying the new backyard

Showing off finished quilt and nearly finished baby bump

 Fun memory: When I ask him to give the baby a kiss he pulls up my shirt and gives my tummy a big "mwah!"

Trip to Enchanted Forest for Jessica's 24th birthday! And, you know, to take Quin too (but it was mostly for my birthday). It got up to 95 degrees but the park is mostly in the shade so it wasn't so bad. We brought a cooler full of otter pops, ice, capri suns, and sliced fruit and veggies to beat the heat.
Quin's favorite parts were the dwarves cave and Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We got ice cream cones at the end :)

Ammon was born! 
Quin enjoys hearing Ammon hiccup. He calls them "pickups" and likes to imitate Ammon.  Quin also thinks it's funny when Ammon cries in the car and will copy him with a flat-toned "wah. wah. wah."

Newborn photoshoot:

4th of July with the Brewster clan!

Quin helped himself to some stray watermelon on the table
Carl's memorial service and the Olsen family reunion at Rockaway Beach

Got to meet my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Isa. We love her so much!!!

Uncle Jason hanging out with Ammon

I read some Shel Silverstein poems to Quin recently. When we got to one about pancakes Quin got really excited and wanted to eat pancakes. I had nothing better to do, so we made pancakes together. I would measure and hand the spoon or cup to Quin to pour into the mixing bowl and we took turns stirring the batter. While the pancakes were cooking, Quin kept licking the batter off the whisk saying "yummy yummy pancakes!" 

Since then Quin has been really into helping me cook. And taste test, of course.

 For Halloween Ammon was Squirt from finding Nemo and Quin was superman. He made a pretty good man of steel. He tripped and fell on his face and got back up without a fuss and kept on trick or treating! 

Ammon loves the Johnny Jump up. When Quin notices he is in it he'll go over there and bounce him,  spin him around, or push him like it's a swing at the park. It requires supervision and intervention when its too fast or rough, but I'm so happy he likes to take care of his little brother. 

 He says "happy momma?" when he can see that I'm upset or unhappy. He wants his happy momma back! When daddy gets upset Quin says "see momma?" Meaning he wants to be with momma. 
Quin could tell I was getting frustrated when I couldn't find something in the pantry. He came up to me and asked "what's wrong, momma?" I instantly felt better :) Later daddy got soap in his eye and Quin noticed daddy was in pain. He quietly asked "you okay?"
Sometimes when Ammon is crying Quin says "Ammon sad."

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary by doing sealings at the Portland temple and then wandering through IKEA, dreaming of our future home. 

The boys are really impressed by the Christmas tree. 

2016 was an exciting year for our little family! We have a lot to look forward to in 2017, including a move to Lebanon, Oregon in February. 

Wishing the best for you an yours this new year!
The Brewsters