Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Budding Baker and Babbler

One thing I am thankful for is Quin gives us lots of positive encouragement. When I finish something he might say "good job momma!" or "nice" He came down the stairs one afternoon and when he saw me he exclaimed "It's momma! Yay momma!"

A fine centerpiece
 He says "happy momma?" when he can see that I'm upset or unhappy. He wants his happy momma back! When daddy gets upset Quin says "see momma?" Meaning he wants to be with momma.
Quin could tell I was getting frustrated when I couldn't find something in the pantry. He came up to me and asked "what's wrong, momma?" I instantly felt better :) Later daddy got soap in his eye and Quin noticed daddy was in pain. He quietly asked "you okay?"
Sometimes when Ammon is crying Quin says "Ammon sad."

 And now for some pictures:

Sharing his numbers with Ammon

Quin loves to do puzzles, Ammon loves to watch Quin. It works out great!
Ammon loves the Johnny Jump up. When Quin notices he is in it he'll go over there and bounce him,  spin him around, or push him like it's a swing at the park. It requires supervision and intervention when its too fast or rough, but I'm so happy he likes to take care of his little brother.
Ammon also loves the "aquarium." So glad I kept this from when Quin was a baby!

Also enjoys this play mat

So does Quin. Ammon doesn't mind. He just likes to watch whatever Quin is doing.

Ammon kept and eye on us while we colored with chalk outside
 For Halloween Ammon was Squirt from finding Nemo and Quin was superman. He made a pretty good man of steel. He tripped and fell on his face and got back up without a fuss and kept on trick or treating!

Dapper lil' chap

Some nicknames I have for Ammon:
  • chipper chap, when he's happy
  • grumpkin, when he's not
  • hungry bungry when he's hungry
  • sunny bunches
  • my new favorite: man cub
 Grandpa Dodge calls him "Ammonater."

This has been our naptime routine lately. Ammon enjoys looking at the pictures.

Quin doesn't really take naps anymore, so it's more of a quiet time routine.

Quin recently got very interested in cooking after making cookies with me. Now when I ask him what he wants to do he says "help you cook."
My lovely dinner-making assistant

Chef/taste tester in training
 If you couldn't tell, Quin said "it's amazing" when he hugged that box of macaroni.

We've been working on saying "please" and "thank you." I gave him some food and he said "thank you" but I forgot to say "you're welcome." Quin reminded me what I needed to say :)

We went out for dinner at Chipotle and Quin was a handful. The toys that we cleverly brought with us weren't keeping him occupied as we tried to hastily finish our meals. Quin got away from us and ran behind the counter and into the kitchen. After that he kept saying "run away!" and darting towards the kitchen. Next time I think we'll get a babysitter.

Whenever I drink a glass of water while I'm holding Ammon he wigs out. He rears his head back and his eyes get really wide. I'm sure he's thinking "whoa! What is that interesting-looking object that's close to my face!?!?"
He's just starting to grasp and reach out for things. It's fun that he can (sort of) hold toys all by himself. He's at the stage of "ooooh, that thing's cool. How do I get it in my mouth?" A few times he's reached toward my water cup or my plate when I hold him at dinner. Pretty soon he'll be getting into things! If you put your face close enough while he's on the ground he'll reach up and grab it. Then he'll try to pull it towards his mouth! He especially loves daddy's nose.

Ammon loves to kick and splash in the tub and surprises himself with the noise.

He loves his feet and spends time examining them and trying to stick his toes in his mouth.

Quin's favorite song is Midnight City by M83. It used to be my favorite song too, but listening to it 354 times on repeat killed it for me. Quin asks to listen to it by saying "listen to cars song?" He called it "car show" at first and that was confusing. He sways from one foot to the other when it comes on. A few times he's tried to sing along with the high pitched synthesizer part.

And finally, a video with some cute baby babble: