Sunday, October 30, 2016

Diary of a Mom who tried Potty Training

Not sure why I'm recording this but it feels good to write it down and decompress from a stressful week.
So, we tried potty training. Michael took two days off so we would have a four day weekend. We gave it our all, even having him wear underwear to bed. Needless to say, Quin is back in diapers but we learned A LOT. Made a lot of mistakes, had some sparkling successes throughout. We'll try again in a few months.
The day before we started I heard him say "I'm not poopy..." And I was like "I'm not suspicious..." He was poopy.
Day one I started by getting out all of the underwear for Quin and throwing it like confetti saying "underwear!" It definitely got him excited about it! He loved choosing which ones to wear and went for the green pair that had drums on it. Our method was to watch him all day long and rush him to the potty if he started to pee. Once on the potty he got to pick out a sticker and put it on the toilet. I had planned to put the stickers on the potty seat but they wouldn't stick to it for some reason.
If he peed in the potty he got to pick a "surprise" from a paper bag that had dollar store party favors. I also put snacks or balloons in Easter eggs and called it a "surprise egg." That really motivated him but also frustrated him because he wanted one but couldn't get one .

We learned that Quin can really hold it. For HOURS. It was kinda freaky. He held it for over two hours despite drinking two capri suns and lots of water.

I learned that when a kid poops his underwear it's really not any worse than having to change a poopy cloth diaper. In fact, I just washed the poopy underwear with the diapers.

After day three we had him wear a pull up to bed. Getting up three times in the night to take care of the two year old in soggy sheets while the baby slept was not cool and NOT working. 

Wednesday was the worst. He kicked and screamed while I wrestled to put the underwear on and wouldn't stay on the toilet. He would cry "no pee! no potty!" if I put him on there and then have an accident a few minutes later. I decided Thursday we would go back to diapers. But, Thursday morning he asked to wear underwear so I we did underwear another day. No pee in the potty but only two accidents the whole day. I put a diaper on him for his nap and I'm pretty sure he did all of his peeing in that diaper and during his bath that night :/

Some memorable moments:
After I sucessfully went to the bathroom he raised his arms and said "good job momma!"
He told me he needed to go pee and when he realized he was about to go he gave me a huge grinn.

Sometimes he climbs up on the toilet and goes pee on his own before or after his bath in the evening, which is really exciting but as far as we have come in potty training.

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