Thursday, September 29, 2016

Capes, lightsabers, and Legos, oh my!

I got out the superman costume for the first time today. I wasn't sure if he would like it. It's our plan for a Halloween costume for him but I felt bad making him dress up in whatever costume we already have and not something he wants to "be." But he's still too little to decide I guess and we don't really have money for clothes you wear only once a year.
The cape was a huge hit. He loves it! He ran around wielding his "lightsaber" (an empty green bubble tube) and even wanted to take a nap with his cape. He also insisted that all adults in the room also wear a cape. So Michael and I draped blankets over our shoulders and ran around with him.

I draped a burp rag across Ammon's back to he could have a "cape" too. Quin is definitely my son. When I was a kid my favorite thing in the world was playing dress up with my friends.

I finally got Quin a little basket ball of his own since he is so obsessed with the neighbor's. One evening he brought everyone a ball and said "here go, mama. Here go, daddy." He even found a little tiny ball for Ammon.

I have a bowl of almonds sitting next to the bed for midnight snacking. Quin grabbed a few one morning and made them jump around on my pillow singing "no no almonds jumping on da bed"
Quin sometimes sings "mr. Baby" to Ammon. He loves to hold and cuddle and lay on Ammon and likes to be touching him when he is near. He will scoot in close to Ammon while he's playing to make his back touch the baby. 
Ammon appears to be the easiest baby born to woman. He rarely cries, is easy to soothe, and loves to smile, babble, and initiate social contact. He sometimes does a wide mouth grin accompanied by a little gasp, copying what I do when he smiles at me.
He has developed an interest in his hands. He often examines and sucks on his knuckles. He is interested in his feet too but can only look at them when I hold them up, such as when I'm changing his diaper or holding him in front of a mirror.
Quin likes it when things are "on top of a mountain." He calls peaches with whipped cream "peaches on top of a mountain." Recently we went to a park with lots of big grassy hills nearby. Quin was hardly interested in the play structure at all. He just wanted to "go on top of a mountain" and run back down.  
Quin made up a version of the Humptey Dumptey song that goes like this: Quin Quin Quin Quin sat on a wall. Quin Quin Quin Quin had a great fall. Then he jumps off the coffee table.
Currently his favorite animals are dolphins. All large sea creatures are dolphins, including whales. The runner up for favorite animal appears to be elephants.  
Other favorites:
  • Space ships
  • Legos
  • Swords/lightsabers
  • TV show "My Magic Pet Morphle." I've heard him talk about this show in his sleep. 
  • Lift the flap books
  • Da baby (Ammon)
  • Cousins!
Quin found the lego x wing kit he got for Christmas and asked if we could put together the "puzzle." I was like "sure! I love legos. I don't really want to make dinner anyway." So I built the spaceship for him. I tried to involve him. I read the instructions out loud "step 1: get this grey piece." He even clicked a few of the pieces together for me. He walked around the living room saying "step 2: fly a spaceship" over and over. When it was finished he was so delighted! He even slept with it the first night

Quin with the "lego spaceship"
Unfortunately it became apparent that the 6-12 age recommendation is accurate. He is way too young for this toy. So many pieces got lost! The lego guy came with a helmet and a gun and he kept loosing them and then asking me to find "the bazooka" and "the guy's hat" in our speckled carpet. Sadly, the space ship went into time out. For 3 years. But it was fun to have Quin's two favorite things come together for a short time. 

It looks like he's falling, but this lego guy actually stayed on his head for a few minutes
Quin loves taking an "Ammon bath." He also asks me if Ammon can sleep with him during his nap and is always really frustrated when I say no.

Quin often is unimpressed by the dinners I make, but the night I made pot stickers his only response was "it's scary." He wouldn't even sit at the table. He usually just eats the green beans, olives, or cherry tomatoes on his plate. We don't have to tell him to eat his vegetables. That's all he eats! When he watches a TV show about phonics he always asks for an apple. A-a-apple. He has started to help himself to food in the fridge, which is both cool and really not cool because he leaves the door open half the time. We might need a fridge lock.

So far this blog has been aimed at cataloging cute memories of my kids. It's basically a lazy scrap book but it's also sort of turned into my journal. So I wanted to write about me a little bit. I've been trying to think about what makes me ME. I am not the same person I was before I gave birth to Quin. So who am I now? And do I even like my new self?
Here are some things I do know:
  • I love doing puzzles. The cardboard picture kind, keep those evil sudoku pages and rubix cubes AWAY
  • I enjoy long nature walks with people I want to get to know better. Being outside on a trail is a great way to relax and talk freely. 
  • Thrift stores are my happy place. I could spend hours browsing through a thrift store. 
  • I like music, but it's not "my life." I'm not obsessed with it, I just enjoy it. Not sure why I am so adamant about that. 
  • My deepest fear and greatest struggle is fear of failure. I worry I'll say something wrong, do something wrong, regret this later, I have to set up the new kitchen PERFECTLY the first time or my life will be over! I didn't realize this about myself at first, but looking back on my life I see that this fear of failure has caused a lot of problems and actually caused me to fail at some things. Ah, irony. 
  • Going along with the fear of failure is an intense fear of letting people down. I really care about the people in my life and want to be the best I can for them. I'm really sensitive about whether or not other people like me or think I'm doing well. Which is a dumb high school thing to have going on, but if I'm going to find out who I am I have to be honest with myself and accept everything that is me before I can make a change. 
  • I don't really like cats anymore. Shocking for anyone who knew me as a 10 year old. I used to have cat posters and figurines and stuffed animals covering my room. I'm okay with this. Cats are gross and very touchy and frustrating to be around. Maybe I just haven't found the right cat yet. Or maybe it's just that the cats in my life are always giving me dirty looks and pooping in my yard. 
Some other news that is not strictly kid-related: we really want to move. We love the duplex we are in, on the outside anyways, but we aren't crazy about the neighborhood. Loud trucks with blaring music in the middle of the night, people arguing and swearing outside our window at 11 PM, people swearing at their kids and kids swearing at each other. Constantly having to pick up the garbage people throw on our lawn/that floats into our backyard. Dangerous materials left behind at the playground, such as propane bottles with propane inside, broken glass, not to mention dried vomit in the baby swing. This is not the kind of place I want my sons to grow up. We are on the wait list for low-income housing but it will take a few months. We took Quin to look at the apartments before we applied to make sure we're not just moving from one bad spot to another. At both of them he was really impressed and said: "Oh wow! It's so wonderful!" They both remind me of Camas Commons but in different ways.

Well, that's all that's new around here. We're looking forward to seeing Michael's family and watching General Conference in two days!

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