Monday, September 12, 2016

A series of cute stories

We had an awesome family reunion last month. It was at a beach house-resort place called Harbor Villa, near Rockaway Beach. We got to go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, ride to Garibaldi on the Pacific Coast scenic steam engine, hike Moutnt Neahkahnie, eat s'mores, and most of all: spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Dodge! We were so happy to see them. In addition, we were thrilled to meet Uncle Jason's lovely girlfriend, Isa. They are getting married in January! We are looking forward to riding on an airplane and getting to sight see in Salt Lake City. 
Here are some favorite photos from the reunion:

And now, back to normal life. Here are a few translations from Quintoneese into English:
"Beans" means grass. The first time I heard him call it that I had just vacuumed the whole house. He brought some grass in from outside, carried it upstairs in his fists, and happily shouted "beans!" as he threw them like confetti. On the freshly vacuumed carpet.
"Sausage" means Ranch dressing. We were very confused for a few dinners. 
"Pee dee does" is how he says tomatoes. 
He often asks for things by saying "some ...??" IE "some water?" "some CANDY?!?" It's cute. 
Also, he calls my iPhone "my phone" because that's what I call it. 
Quin enjoys spending time outside with the family and will often gather us to sit on the patio chairs. He especially likes it when we have popsicles or ice cream. If someone doesn't have a popsicle he will say "daddy popsicle?" He's so sweet to make sure everyone has one. He shares really well with adults, not so much with kids. 

Quin likes to enthusiastically say "hi" and will run through the list of family members. "Hi momma! Hi daddy! Hi baby!" Once during a magical family outdoor moment he listed everyone off and then said "hi Quin" to himself. He also says "hi" to things like cats, dogs, balls, cars, and the moon. 

Quin knows lots of songs and loves singing. Some of his favorites are:
  • Apples and bananas
  • If you're happy and you know it
  • Jesus wants me for a sunbeam (he says it "sunbean")
  •  Head shoulders knees and toes
  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • The ABC song
  • Finger family (daddy finger where are you)
  • Johnny Johnny
  • 3 Little Kittens
  • The spaceship song (a song about riding on a space ship that I made up)
I sang to him a lot when he was a little but nowadays he freaks out most of the time when I sing. I've been trying to teach him to say "no singing please" so it doesn't hurt my feelings as much. :(
I read some Shel Silverstein poems to Quin recently. When we got to one about pancakes Quin got really excited and wanted to eat pancakes. I had nothing better to do, so we made pancakes together. I would measure and hand the spoon or cup to Quin to pour into the mixing bowl and we took turns stirring the batter. While the pancakes were cooking, Quin kept licking the batter off the whisk saying "yummy yummy pancakes!" (It was a vegan pancake recipe, since I was dairy free at that time. No raw eggs were ingested). 


The latest in fun has been taking a bath with these robot toys. There are slots to insert the arms and legs kind of like Mr. Potato head. Michael told Quin to "go get the leg" so they could bring it upstairs for a bath. Quin was a little confused. He walked over to me, paused for a minute, and then grabbed my leg. 
Quin has gotten more imaginative lately. He attached the head of a robot piece to an arm and giggled as he called it a "lollipop." He found the PVC elbow joints for a DIY project Michael has been working on and put one on his arm and said something like "I'm a robot! Is so cool!!!"   

I told him to smile for the picture and he made this face
I love how little kids make their own fun. Quin made a game of putting these toy food pieces in a rain boot and taking them out again. It kept him busy for at least an hour. He is obsessed with the food pieces and is constantly asking me to draw ice cream, carrots, apples, bananas, grapes, and bread. I'm kind of relieved because he was asking me to draw animals and my drawings were pretty unconvincing. I never claimed to be an artist! He found one of my drawings of food and matched his food pieces with the corresponding drawing. It might not seem like much but I was pretty impressed. 
Quin also had a ton of fun playing with some brown paper sacks. He got a plastic sword (actually it might have been a vacuum cleaner attachment...) and hit the bags with it all around the house. Weird how little things like that are so much more fun than expensive toys. 
We made up a game called "squash." It's basically something for Quin to do while I'm nursing Ammon. Quin will climb up on the couch behind me and wedge himself between my back and the couch. Then I lean back on him and "squash" him. Quin really likes it when Ammon "squashes" him. I just press Ammon up against Quin and say "squash the brother!" I think this game is what made Quin really start to like Ammon. When Quin and Ammon take baths together Quin often helps wash Ammon. He loves getting a turn with the wash cloth to rub it on Ammon's hair. He will sometimes ask for a "turn" with Ammon, meaning he wants to hold him. It's more like a hug because Quin loses interest but it's sweet. Quin can sometimes get Ammon to stop crying just by looking at him or tickling him. 
Quin even rocked Ammon to sleep in the swing once. More often Quin wakes him up by patting him on the stomach or touching his face, though. Quin likes to turn on the "songs" for Ammon by pushing the music button on the swing. Ammon has smiled at Quin a few times and always looks at him really intently when he comes into view. 
Brother love!
Ammon has been smiling and cooing. He likes the monkeys that dangle from the baby swing and will coo at them. His favorite song is "Mr. Baby"(Mr. Bassman with different words). His face often lights up it a smile when I start singing it.  

Here are a bunch of cute pictures of Ammon:

It's like a bunk bed!

We were given a gorgeous framed Simon Dewey picture by a very generous friend. It's the one of Jesus holding a shepherd's crook looking over a flock of sheep. When Quin saw it for the first time he had just woken up from a nap. He excitedly ran over to it, pointed, and exclaimed "HIPPOS!" Apparently unshorn sheep look like hippos to Quin. He sat in front of the painting and looked at it for a really long time. Interestingly, Ammon really likes the painting too and will gaze at it for long periods of time if he's facing it.
The other day my mom called an we talked for a while on speaker phone. When she hung up Quin was really upset and said "again, grandma?!" So we called great grandma. When we hung up he said "again!" He might not say much but he loves talking to his grandmas. 

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  1. Cute pictures! I loved to see how you are doing.
    Hulk has been eating raw egg since he was two (as have I). I think Quin would be fine :)