Friday, July 29, 2016

A Bit About Ammon

Ammon is a very strong little dude! He keeps working hard on his little muscles. He can lift his head up already and loves to look around. Ammon loves looking at blinds, especially if the slats are moving. His favorite thing to look at is momma's face :) He has a very strong grip and has been working on his hair grabbing skills.

Everywhere we go people say "look at all that hair!" The only word I can think to describe his crown of dark brown hair is "magnificent." It is so soft and always poofs up on the top.

He likes to be held and doesn't tolerate being put down for very long. He's okay for a little bit if there is a face to look up at. I keep reminding myself that this is the fourth trimester and human babies really aren't ready to be born when they are. Plus I enjoy holding him :) I just get a lot less done. But he's more important than anything else I could be doing.

I put him down outside on a blanket while I was watering my plants today. He really enjoyed being outside. There was a lot for him to look at. Quin went over to him and knelt down and said "HI!" and then he started touching his nose and mouth and identifying body parts. He picked some grass and clover and put it on Ammon's tummy and then would pick each individual leaf/strand off of him. An odd way to pass the time but I was so happy Quin was interacting with Ammon. He doesn't interact with him very much when someone is holding him. So he hardly interacts with him at all! Every night before bed Quin gives momma a kiss, then Ammon on his forehead, and then daddy gets a kiss. So Ammon is part of the night time ritual :)

Quin enjoys hearing Ammon hiccup. He calls them "pickups" and likes to imitate Ammon.  Quin also thinks it's funny when Ammon cries in the car and will copy him with a flat-toned "wah. wah. wah."

When I was putting Quin down for a nap he asked if Ammon could "go night night" with him. He was pretty upset when I said no.  Lately Quin has started pretending to go to bed during sacrament meeting at church. He lays down on the floor and asks for a pillow and blanket. I give him the folded up baby carrier as a pillow and the nursing cover as a blanket. Then Quin says "night night" and lays there for several minutes. It's nice that it keeps him quiet.

I have been trying to figure out a regular schedule that will work for everyone. I really want the boys to get a bath together before bed, but Ammon seems to be asleep or needing to eat during bath time. Eventually :) They have had two baths together so far.

An important part of our schedule seems to be going to the playground in the morning. I get exercise, Quin gets to run around, and Ammon gets a nap. I pack a lunch for Quin to eat at the picnic table and then Quin falls asleep in the stroller by the time we get home. Today he was really tired so I had him eat in the stroller on the way home. He didn't make it very far with this cheese :)

As I was getting the guest bedroom ready for my parents' upcoming visit (in two weeks!!!) I left the wrapping paper in Quin's reach. He discovered that there is a really cool "brown sword" in the middle of each tube.  Quin draped the wrapping paper around him like a cape and we had a great time sword fighting with the tubes. I'm glad I let us have a happy time together instead of getting mad about it. I can buy more Christmas wrapping paper at the dollar store.

I recently had the realization that memories are all that I get to keep from this life. It's true, I'll get to be with my family forever if we make the right choices, but the only thing I get to take with me into the next life are my memories. This life is so short and I want to fill it with lots of happy memories of time together. Life is too short to get mad about wasting half a tube of wrapping paper. Every moment you live you are creating a new memory. Channel your energy into making this one a positive one. There will be difficult moments and memories you'd rather not have. Some things in life can't be controlled. Use what is in your control to make someone happy today. That's what life is all about!


  1. Jessica - I just love your view on and approach to life. You are an incredible mama and a great example! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jessica - I just love your view on and approach to life. You are an incredible mama and a great example! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Well said Jessica. These boys are having a happy childhood with you and Michael as their parents. Looking forward to holding Ammon and sword fighting with Quin....

  4. Those are some stunning pictures of Ammon and you holding him. They will help you keep the good memories. You are finding the positive and realizing anything negative is quite temporary. Your blogpost is just lovely!

  5. Jason will get mad at Joseph when he gets into something he shouldn't and I'm just like "let him have his moment." I think it's important to let them be kids and not get caught up in the unimportant/little things. Sounds like you're doing great :)