Friday, July 29, 2016

4th of July and dates with children

Right before Ammon was born Michael and I went on a date. We didn't have time to arrange a babysitter and we couldn't really afford one that month anyway, so we put Quin in the stroller at naptime and walked to Applebees. Quin didn't fall asleep right away. We had to walk around the block several times before he was fully unconscious. Then we parked him off to the side of our table and had a really great date. He woke up right as we were finishing our meal.
We really need to go on another date soon but I'm not sure we can pull of getting both kids to sleep at the same time. 

We went to Monmouth for the Fourth of July. Ammon was only one week old but I was ready for an outing. Quin really enjoyed it. When he saw his cousins waiting to watch the parade he exclaimed: "oh my goodness! Cousins!" and "so much fun!" During the parade he loved enjoyed the trucks, horses, drums, and most of all CANDY!" He was nervous to pick it up at first, but he watched his cousins scrambling to pick it up and eventually joined in.

We went to Grandma B's house for lunch and then Heath's friend Carole's house for a barbecue. Quin enjoyed all the watermelon and chips laying around on the counters and table.

We got home pretty late that night. We could see the firework shows from several different towns near Eugene as we drove. There were lots of big fireworks going off overhead and so many people doing fireworks on the street. I took Ammon inside and unpacked from our outing while Michael carried  Quin on his shoulders and they walked around to look at fireworks.

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