Monday, June 20, 2016

Highs and Lows

We had a very up and down week while daddy was on a business trip. The high of the week: there was lots of one on one Quin and mommy time, including a trip to the pet store and indoor playground.

These neon glowing fish are pretty sweet

The low of the week: Quin fell and hit his head on a chair. I started crying as I was trying to comfort him. He looked at me and through his tears said "it's okay momma" over and over. He also said "happy again, momma." He didn't want me to be sad. He's so sweet.


Quin is turning out to be quite a Piano Guys fan. He loves this video of a cellist spending quality time with his beloved cello. Quin calls it "the cello at the store show." It cracks him up. I'm happy that it's entertaining for me, too since I watch it over and over with him.

He also really likes this one. It has almost all of his favorite things: drums, a cello, a piano, water, clouds, and animals. The only thing it's missing is a space ship, ice cream and lollipops.

When I practice the piano Quin likes to pretend to play a duet with me on his "cello." It's been good for me because he will ask me to play and encourage me to keep playing when I want to stop.

Quin came up to me and said "Happy again?" I was confused at first saying, "Quin I am happy." It turns out he just wanted me to unpause the happy and you know it song on YouTube.

He was resisting baths so I decided we needed to make it a part of his schedule, rather than just bathing him when he was stinky or visibly dirty. He discovered he likes to turn on the "rain" in the shower and now he's sad when he has to get out.

He thinks the colorful popsicle maker tops look like swords and makes swooshing sounds as he runs around the house with them. He will often give me one and say "my turn?" meaning he wants me to play with it. He switches out the colors in my hands as we play "swords."

The best toys are objects that aren't toys
Once a day I usually give him a popsicle and send him outside. The other day he wanted me to join him outside and have a Popsicle too. Sometimes we have ice cream cones together at the end of a warm day. All ice cream is "chocolate" so Quin will ask for a "chocolate ice cream cone" and actually want vanilla.

 We are excited to meet Ammon within the next 3 weeks! (2 weeks till the due date). I hope he comes soon. I'm pretty uncomfortable and as you can see, my face is starting to get fat :/ Dislike this part of pregnancy!


  1. What a sympathetic little guy! And a fun little playmate. Loved the two cello guy clips. By the way, you may need to change the subtitle of your blog now that you're becoming a second time Mommy. Life as you know it is about to change!