Sunday, June 5, 2016

Enchanted Forest for Mom's Birthday!

Michael asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I couldn't help it. We have been wanting to take Quin (ok, and Michael and my kid selves that are trapped in adult bodies) to Enchanted Forest for over a year. Even though it's a little silly to celebrate your 24th birthday at a children's theme park, it was AWESOME. It got up to 95 degrees that day but it really wasn't so hot because the whole park is in the forest. Also, we were armed with a cooler full of ice, otter pops, capri suns, and sliced fruit and veggies.

Quin was confused and nervous at first
He felt much better after we gave him a sandwich
He loved all the colorful artwork

His favorite exhibits were the dwarves...
...and Goldilocks and the 3 bears.
He loved the fantasy fountains light show but it was too dark for pictures.

Quin was nervous around all of the witches
 So many fun things for him to touch and explore!

The slides were a big hit. For all 3 of us!

The ice cream cones at the end!
We took it at a pretty slow toddler pace so Quin could enjoy the experience without being rushed. I feel like so often in life we say "hurry up!' "let's go" "come on, let's get to the fun!" But the fun is in the journey, not the end result. Although this meant spending 20+ minutes in the Dwarves cave... but that's ok :)

We really enjoyed the live action musical comedy "the Princess and the Pea." The actors were hillarious and did awesome improvisations. When the audience didn't laugh at a joke "you'll get that one later." "I feel like the Backstreet boys newest album. No one is listening to me!" There was a scene when the queen and her son were arguing and they started saying things like "well, I know the director" "oh yeah? Well I wrote this song." I was worried it would be boring for him but Quin was captivated. He loved it when the actors did silly dances. He kept clapping several minutes after it ended and people were filing away.

After Enchanted Forest we went to Grandma Brewster's to play with cousins, have dinner, and eat cake! Quin didn't want to get in the pool. He has had a fear of large bodies of water ever since he slipped and went under at Otter Beach and couldn't get up on his own. So I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the pool :) My belly was so weightless. I felt like it had a bowling ball in it when I got out.

So much pregnant
The latest Quinticisms:
He taps his fork on the table when he likes what we're having. Michael tried to get him to stop but I like the fork tapping. It's like he's complementing me on the meal I prepared :) He also shakes his head to soul music when he's enjoying what he's eating.

Mom forgot the water bottle on a trip to the park, so we stopped at Dari Mart to get chocolate milk. It turns out, sometime you CAN buy happiness!
Quin and I like to count the water fountains at the nearby assisted living facility. He loves the lawn ornaments there and gives the deer and the bear a hug and pats the "cat" (a racoon) on the head.

He loves to climb in boxes and well, anything he can fit in. He will dump out the laundry sometimes so he can get in the basket.

So focused! I don't have this good of an attention span.
He seems to favor his left hand.
He has been extra affectionate lately. He will climb up on the couch to give me a hug and then climb back down and play. He also wants to sit in my lap more and more and asks for a "hug" (meaning he wants to be held) more often. At the same time he is getting a little better at independent play. He loves coloring and could sit at the table and color for hours if I sat by him and drew pictures too. Some of his frequent drawing requests include: drums, clouds, faces with different emotions, fish, animals (my drawings are unconvincing since I'm not much of an artist), and SPACESHIPS.

I thought this picture looked like an ancient Mayan symbol.

His obsession with numbers has grown as he practices writing them. Except for the ice cream cone, Quin drew these all by himself and then traced with a different color. I love his happy faces :)

He likes the scene from the Lego Movie where Bennie finally gets to build a spaceship and flies it around screaming "SPACESHIP." Quin runs around the house with wooden spaceship puzzle pieces making explosion sounds and saying "Paseship!" over and over.

Quin is really good at sound effects. He has a very convincing laser gun blast when he's holding a "bazooka."

He likes to know what sound various object make. He asks by saying "a hippo says ___?" and waiting for me to fill it in. I have no idea what a hippo says, "om nom nom???"
"A cloud says ___?" "Um, clouds don't say much. Maybe "whoosh?"" He's still young enough to accept my lame responses :) He sometimes makes up his own sound effects. "A chair says "bo peesh bo peesh."" Hmm, ok Quin. If you say so :) They do creak.

Baby Ammon:
He is such an active baby!!! He loves squirm around and practice using his arms/hands and legs/feet. He is most active when he hears people singing or when Quin plays the piano (and especially squirmy when I lay down). His growth has been exactly on target for every prenatal appointment and he has a strong heartbeat.

Ammon seems to like health food. I had an inquenchable craving for quinoa for several weeks and often all I want to eat is a Cafe Yumm bowl, a healthy, hearty meal with: avacados, olives, tomatoes, cilantro, black beans, rice (or quinoa), sour cream, and a savory chickpea/curry sauce. I want some RIGHT NOW!
I also have been craving cucumbers, peaches, and lemon. When I think about eating pizza or fried foods I can almost hear the baby say "don't even think about it."
I feel like I have had a pretty fit pregnancy but that's probably just because I've been chasing Quin around the whole time, in addition to taking him on walks and bike rides. With Quin I was working in an office and sat for most of the day and had to plan exercise into my schedule.

High speed cuteness!
Slow down Quin! I can't keep up!!!

My garden has been doing extremely well! My thumb might not be so brown after all.

My starts really took off! They were transplanted recently.
I love getting a handful of super sweet berries almost every day! Also growing rapidly and well: my bump :)


  1. Hippos grunt :)

  2. I had no idea hippos sounded so horrible! I'm just waiting for him to ask me what the fox says.

  3. So happy to share your joy from a distance. So glad you were born 24 years ago!