Friday, April 22, 2016

Zoo trip and Quin magic

​My mom came for a visit the end of February and we took Quin to the zoo for the first time. 

His favorite exhibit was the elephants. 

He also really liked the penguins and ducks but the most impressive part about the zoo was the ramps, walkways, and stairs. Here he is doing a little baby parcore: 

We also went to a children's museum and a gorgeous hike at Spencer Butte with my Uncle Neil and cousin Giddeon. 

It was a great visit. Feels like it was forever ago and I still have forever until I get to see my mom again.
Today has been a pretty magical day for me and Quin so far! He keeps doing awesome stuff I can't write it down fast enough. This morning he wanted to watch Animusic (a DVD he calls "drums") which is a computer animated music video of instruments playing themselves. It's pretty cool, you should check it out. This is Quin's favorite segment: Anyway, Quin was beat boxing in time to the drums and humming along with the songs this morning. 
He built small towers with duplos and then threw them on the kitchen floor to break them apart. I'm pretty sure this comes from playing with ninja star popsicle sticks. The fun part of this story it he did it while wearing a red basket on his head. We call it the "hatsket."

I got him a giant foam numbers puzzle that he loves. It was really fun to see him open it up. It made him so happy! 
He was holding his giant number one while standing on his bed so I started singing "there was one in the bed and the little one said..." Quin said "monkeys!" asking me to sing the monkeys jumping on the bed song. So I did and he jumped on the bed while I sang "one little monkey jumping on the bed" and then he acted out the rest of the song by falling out of bed and laying his head on the ground. He kept doing it all the way up to 13. 
I read him "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" before his nap today and he kept wanting to go back to the page about all the crazy things the caterpillar ate on Saturday.  Then he started pretending to eat each one of them, going "nom!" as he leaned in to put his mouth on each picture. 

He also likes to pretend to be cookie monster, showing here:

I made cinnamon rolls the other night and Quin carefully took a wayward piece of butter from the counter and spread it all over the kitchen. It was only 2 tablespoons of butter but it made lots of fun:

Right after it happened I was trying to decide whether to let him play with it or clean it up right away and send him out of the kitchen. The thought came that the fun-ness and value of this memory to Quin outweighs the annoyance to me of having to clean it up. So I took a video and let him play for ten minutes before sending him to the tub. I read a quote recently that goes something like this "I decided to give up on perfection and enjoy my life." Not to say that I am giving up on becoming a better person each day or abandoning my values. I'm giving up trying to keep my house spotless, my kids shoes clean, and I'm trying not to keep my negative feelings bottled up just so no one else has to deal with them. It's perfectly ok to not be perfect right now :) Life is more fun when it's a little messy.
Quin is very social and enjoys talking on the phone. He will talk about cows and numbers and sometimes throw his head back and laugh during a "conversation." When he wants people to come over he knocks on our front door-from the inside.
He likes to see animals but is nervous to touch them. He loves the fish at the pet store and says "hi fish" to each tank. 
Quin is very empathetic. We were at the park the other day and I little boy was upset about having to go home. Quin ran after the parent/guardian who was carrying the screaming toddler wanting to help. When he wanted something from me during a recent bout of nausea he kneeled down next to me and waited for me to finish throwing up before he started whining. 
He loves to be outside and go for walks. He will bring me his shoes when he really wants to go outside. I have been letting him choose his shoes more often and he always picks his yellow boots.  He likes finding water such as fountains, puddles, and sprinklers to play in. He likes to see animals outside, especially cats, but he doesn't like to touch them anymore. In fact, when a friendly cat recently approached him he ran away saying "no, no!" 

Likes to listen to Daddy's midi music writing software and asks him to play it by saying "song? Doot doot song?"
Quin seems to be developing that oldest child OCD behavior, which is fine but kind of funny. He insists on having the doors closed at all times. It's handy when we come inside from an outing and I'm sure it will be very useful when there is a baby that needs to be kept out of stuff, but our bedrooms tend to get pretty stuffy since they are always closed. 

Quin knows several songs and likes to sing while he's playing. He doesn't do it on command. He has started to sing along with "I am a child of God" sometimes, which makes me really happy. He will also fill in the blanks for some songs if I pause while singing. Here he is singing "Rain, rain, go away": 

He really likes music and enjoys instruments of all shapes and sizes. He was very gentle when I let him experience my guitar: 

He can play the drums really well and entertains us with improvisations on the recorder, xylophone, piano, and ukulele. He often sings made up words as he plays. 
I started a little container garden. I've always felt cursed with thumb browner than dirt but the prophet said to plant a garden so I'm going to try. I bought my assorted containers at a thrift store and drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. 

I planted spinach, a lettuce blend, zucchini, raspberries, and sugar snap peas. The strawberries miraculously survived last years neglectful gardening and have blossoms!
I also planted cherry tomato starts (which have already sprouted!) and a pepper blend of jalapenos, chili peppers, and a bunch of other peppers. The pepper garden is for Michael.

Like my fancy containers?
I am in my third trimester now. I have realized that the name "Ammon" is really confusing to Quin. When I ask "did you feel that kick from Ammon?" He says "amen" as though my question was a prayer. But it's basically the only name Michael and I agree on and we really like it so we're sticking with it. Plus, Ammon is a super cool guy in the Book of Mormon so it's a neat namesake and an unusual name that's not hard to pronounce, which is what we're going for.
I think that pretty much catches you up on my life! Thanks for reading and being interested in me and my family :)

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  1. Love reading about your little family. I think Ammon is a lucky little guy.