Sunday, October 11, 2015

ABC's, 123's, animal sounds, Oh my!

Quin's body has taken a break from growing but his brain is picking up where the rest of him left off.
His vocabulary has exploded. He recognizes every letter in the alphabet and knows all the numbers from 0 to 10. He likes to try to count to ten sticking out his fingers (usually the wrong number of them) as he goes. Usually a few numbers get skipped near the end. "4...6...7...9....10!" I think he has caught on so fast because we were given foam abc and 123 puzzles.
For a while every letter was either "a" or "b" and all numbers were "2," which seems to be his favorite. Then he quickly learned all the rest of the numbers and completely forgot the number two, which was alarming to me. But once he was comfortable with all the other numbers he started to point out twos again.
In addition to learning letters and numbers, he has also learned animal sounds. This is mostly thanks to Sandra Boynton's book "Moo, Baa, La La La." It's my all time favorite children's book to read aloud and Quin and I both have it memorized. Quin inserts the sounds the animals when we get to that part. For a while all animals said "moo" according to Quin. It was pretty funny to ask "what does a kitten say Quin?" and he would give a straight faced monotone "moo."
Another of Quin's gains in learning is recognizing and naming facial features.  He especially likes to point them out on dolls, immobile infants, and Daddy.

Quin loves to cook. This is him "helping" me make dinner:

Quin's latest vocabulary additions and their respective translations have been:
"ahpeas" = help please. I taught him to say it when he's frustrated. Now he says "ahpeas. Ahpeas! Apheas!!!" all the time but there is considerably less screaming.
"ohgann" = I want to play the organ and mess up the settings.

"geek uooo" = thank you. He ususally says it when he really wants something that we don't want him to have. Such as knives. We're working on that one.
"saweee" = insincere apology. Also working on that one.
"sebentee" = seven. Sounds more like 70, but close enough at this point
"ahsee" = outside

"bork bork bork" = imitating the Swedish chef. He hoards my cooking utensils and throws them behind his head after saying the phrase.
"sooka" = bazooka. I did not teach him this. Youtube did.

We recently got two small rubber ducks from a safety fair at the fire department that Quin is very attached to. He slept with them last night and today at dinner he was pretending to feed one of them.

He is growing so much! I do miss when he was little but honestly, this age is a lot of fun. Although it is more difficult in some ways it is a lot easier in most. I am really grateful that kids grow and learn fast. I wouldn't trade Quin for anything. Not even for a younger version of himself :)

Picking raspberries at Grandma's