Thursday, July 30, 2015

Translations from Quintese into English

Appi top = Apple Sauce. (He says it quite often during the day)
Uhp Oh = Apple
Uh Oh = Something fell down/you dropped something
Bop = Ball
Aww = Hug

Fell asleep on Great Grandma during the plane ride to New Hampshire last May

Ticko ticko ticko = tickle tickle. He even tickles his own feet sometimes.

Oh yeah! = sun glasses

Wah deet! = either water or  hungry.
Gah gack = cracker
Ah gog ogck = hot dog (he says the dog part twice)
Doot = either tools or shoes. Most likely shoes because that means he gets to go outside.
(sometimes he even sleeps with a bubble wand or unopened bottle of bubbles)

Eating yogurt with a (previously rinsed) bubble wand

Aaaah? = Answering the phone.

Mmmmnah mmnah = I want to watch the muppet video "mahna mahna" on you tube

I started letting him watch Elmo's World and the Muppet Show on Youtube while I shower and sometimes while I make dinner. I was disappointed to have failed to wait until he was a full 2 years old but he did learn to say "ball" and "meow" from those videos. He also learned this from watching Beaker sing "Ode To Joy":

 He does it when he hears music :)

That is the end of the translations but the cuteness doesn't have to stop there!
We got Quin a tricycle on Craigslist. We had planned to wait until Christmas but I found the exact one I wanted for him for $35 cheaper than it would have been brand new. And who wants to ride a bike in December?

Quin enjoys taking selfies on my phone. He discovered that the delightful clicking sound will continue if you hold down the button. So now I have 67 photos of the ceiling, 54 photos of his forehead, and 75 photos of his foot (the toes change position slighly between photos). These numbers are accurate.
Best selfie EVER!

 This is a great way to keep Quin busy while I do the dishes or make dinner. #momhack
We've had a hot streak of 100 degree weather. We can't have a kiddy pool at our apartment so we got a hose and sprinkler instead. He loves it!
It's been hard to keep up with him on this blog! He is learning and doing cute new things faster than I can capture in a blog post. I love being a stay-at-home mom so I can experience all these precious moments.