Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quirky Quin

Quin likes to watch me and Michael dance. Sometimes it feels like the Mommy and Daddy show.
He and daddy stick out their tongues at the mirror after Quin gets his teeth brushed.
One thing that made Michael really happy was when Quin used to scream at his food as he brought it up to his mouth. He doesn't do that anymore but sometimes it sounds like he is trying to weird his food out with the funny sounds he makes as he picks it up.

Here's Quin enjoying some delicious yogurt with a side of independence.

Sometimes he will give an applause after nursing which makes me feel really happy.

Here's some adorable applause at a very happy meal.

Daddy taught him to say thank you by handing him a craisin or cashew and saying "thank you" when Quin took it. He doesn't do it every time we give him something. I mean, Quin is pretty great but not that perfect. He'll say thank you sometimes when I give him something but sometimes it's hard to understand and Michael has to translate for me.
Quin loves it when we have other kids around (especially his favorite cousins Joseph and Noah).

Duet with cousin Joseph

One of the most awesome new Quinticisms is he sometimes goes "whee" in the car and stroller, especially when turning corners or speeding up.

Quin loves to go outside.

True Oregonean
Little Farmer

His favorite things to see in our neighborhood are: dogs, the neighbor's garden gnomes and pinwheels, the mailbox with dangling keys and big metal doors to open and shut, and the park. Oddly enough, his favorite thing at the park is the stairs. He went down the slide on his own once but was not that impressed. Now he just climbs up and down and up and down the stairs and pokes bark chips though the holes in the stairs.

He loves the stairs in houses too and will call for daddy at the top of his lungs by the door. In addition to his newfound ability to master stairs, Quin has also learned to climb up on furniture; increasing the need for a vigilant suicide watch (as if that wasn't constantly needed already). He likes to stand up on the coffee table and bend the blinds, which is something I don't like very much.

Quin has so many awesome little quirks. I love watching his little personality develop and the funny things he does to express it.