Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Year Older and Cuter Too!

Happy birthday Quin! His latest trick is clapping. He learned how to do it on his birthday when all his happy party guests were clapping for him. His favorite times to clap are while he walks and when he is happy.
The gluten free cupcakes

Quin's minion birthday cake

 He wasn't so sure about the cupcake at first. It took him a while to eat any of it.

He has an interesting way of sitting. One foot sticks out, with the other folded in.
Rockin' the boy leggings

Now he has 10.5 teeth and still loves to use them on anything he can get his mouth on!
He took his first steps the beginning of December at a playgroup cookie exchange. He was holding an extended green lightsaber and used the force to toddle a few steps before crashing into someone.

He loves the dishwasher and his cousins.


He also loves to sweep. We got him his own mini broom for his birthday.

He has grown so much in one year!

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