Sunday, October 11, 2015

ABC's, 123's, animal sounds, Oh my!

Quin's body has taken a break from growing but his brain is picking up where the rest of him left off.
His vocabulary has exploded. He recognizes every letter in the alphabet and knows all the numbers from 0 to 10. He likes to try to count to ten sticking out his fingers (usually the wrong number of them) as he goes. Usually a few numbers get skipped near the end. "4...6...7...9....10!" I think he has caught on so fast because we were given foam abc and 123 puzzles.
For a while every letter was either "a" or "b" and all numbers were "2," which seems to be his favorite. Then he quickly learned all the rest of the numbers and completely forgot the number two, which was alarming to me. But once he was comfortable with all the other numbers he started to point out twos again.
In addition to learning letters and numbers, he has also learned animal sounds. This is mostly thanks to Sandra Boynton's book "Moo, Baa, La La La." It's my all time favorite children's book to read aloud and Quin and I both have it memorized. Quin inserts the sounds the animals when we get to that part. For a while all animals said "moo" according to Quin. It was pretty funny to ask "what does a kitten say Quin?" and he would give a straight faced monotone "moo."
Another of Quin's gains in learning is recognizing and naming facial features.  He especially likes to point them out on dolls, immobile infants, and Daddy.

Quin loves to cook. This is him "helping" me make dinner:

Quin's latest vocabulary additions and their respective translations have been:
"ahpeas" = help please. I taught him to say it when he's frustrated. Now he says "ahpeas. Ahpeas! Apheas!!!" all the time but there is considerably less screaming.
"ohgann" = I want to play the organ and mess up the settings.

"geek uooo" = thank you. He ususally says it when he really wants something that we don't want him to have. Such as knives. We're working on that one.
"saweee" = insincere apology. Also working on that one.
"sebentee" = seven. Sounds more like 70, but close enough at this point
"ahsee" = outside

"bork bork bork" = imitating the Swedish chef. He hoards my cooking utensils and throws them behind his head after saying the phrase.
"sooka" = bazooka. I did not teach him this. Youtube did.

We recently got two small rubber ducks from a safety fair at the fire department that Quin is very attached to. He slept with them last night and today at dinner he was pretending to feed one of them.

He is growing so much! I do miss when he was little but honestly, this age is a lot of fun. Although it is more difficult in some ways it is a lot easier in most. I am really grateful that kids grow and learn fast. I wouldn't trade Quin for anything. Not even for a younger version of himself :)

Picking raspberries at Grandma's

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Translations from Quintese into English

Appi top = Apple Sauce. (He says it quite often during the day)
Uhp Oh = Apple
Uh Oh = Something fell down/you dropped something
Bop = Ball
Aww = Hug

Fell asleep on Great Grandma during the plane ride to New Hampshire last May

Ticko ticko ticko = tickle tickle. He even tickles his own feet sometimes.

Oh yeah! = sun glasses

Wah deet! = either water or  hungry.
Gah gack = cracker
Ah gog ogck = hot dog (he says the dog part twice)
Doot = either tools or shoes. Most likely shoes because that means he gets to go outside.
(sometimes he even sleeps with a bubble wand or unopened bottle of bubbles)

Eating yogurt with a (previously rinsed) bubble wand

Aaaah? = Answering the phone.

Mmmmnah mmnah = I want to watch the muppet video "mahna mahna" on you tube

I started letting him watch Elmo's World and the Muppet Show on Youtube while I shower and sometimes while I make dinner. I was disappointed to have failed to wait until he was a full 2 years old but he did learn to say "ball" and "meow" from those videos. He also learned this from watching Beaker sing "Ode To Joy":

 He does it when he hears music :)

That is the end of the translations but the cuteness doesn't have to stop there!
We got Quin a tricycle on Craigslist. We had planned to wait until Christmas but I found the exact one I wanted for him for $35 cheaper than it would have been brand new. And who wants to ride a bike in December?

Quin enjoys taking selfies on my phone. He discovered that the delightful clicking sound will continue if you hold down the button. So now I have 67 photos of the ceiling, 54 photos of his forehead, and 75 photos of his foot (the toes change position slighly between photos). These numbers are accurate.
Best selfie EVER!

 This is a great way to keep Quin busy while I do the dishes or make dinner. #momhack
We've had a hot streak of 100 degree weather. We can't have a kiddy pool at our apartment so we got a hose and sprinkler instead. He loves it!
It's been hard to keep up with him on this blog! He is learning and doing cute new things faster than I can capture in a blog post. I love being a stay-at-home mom so I can experience all these precious moments.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Words! Words are happening!

That's right. My little baby has branched out from "mama" and "daddy" and is building a little vocabulary! Today's new word was "hot." He was helping me cook dinner while daddy was in a video conference for school. He pointed at the pots and said "hot" over and over (even after they had cooled off). He was so proud of himself and so are me and daddy. He learned how to say "duck" (which sound more like "guck") and "ta dah" (which comes out as an adorable "tagah") from my mom while we were visiting for my missionary brother's homecoming. I'm pretty sure he calls my mom "nana" or sometimes just "ma" without the grand in front. Quin has also been able to say "all done" for a little while to signal that he is finished eating. He has started using it for other things too, like in the morning when he says "all done" to try to get me out of bed (all done laying in bed, mama. It's 6:30 already!) I think I heard him say "all done" when he was getting frustrated with a toy. He put it down and walked away. I was so proud he didn't throw a fit!

His first word after "daddy" and "hi" was "keys" (pronounced "tee"). We're pretty sure he is currently aspiring to be a mailman. He loves trying to put keys into locks, loves paying by the mailbox across the street, and especially enjoys putting things into bigger things. He is enthralled every time we actually see the mailman come and open up the big mailbox to put the letters in. 
Michael taught him to say "Jesus" and point at the picture we have hanging on the wall. We have been trying to have regular family prayers together and Quin has started copying us. He will fold his arms for about 3 Mississippi and will babble along with whoever is saying the prayer. He recently started saying "amen" repeatedly in the middle of the prayer to try to get us to finish it sooner. He raises both hands up when he says "amen" just like he does when he says "all done."
Michael recently asked Quin if he loved Mama and I'm pretty sure I heard Quin's response clear as a bell "what?!" We hope he will learn how to say "I love you" soon. 
With his new talking skill has come some others. He loves to sit at the table with us and drink out of an open cup. At lunch he was focusing all his mental powers and dexterity to get noodles to stay on his plastic fork all the way up to his mouth.

During one meal he crawled up onto the bench next to me and scooted closer until we touched. We're weaning right now and I've been trying to hold him while he eats table food to get in extra cuddles. 
I love the stage/age he is at right now and I think Quin loves it too. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quirky Quin

Quin likes to watch me and Michael dance. Sometimes it feels like the Mommy and Daddy show.
He and daddy stick out their tongues at the mirror after Quin gets his teeth brushed.
One thing that made Michael really happy was when Quin used to scream at his food as he brought it up to his mouth. He doesn't do that anymore but sometimes it sounds like he is trying to weird his food out with the funny sounds he makes as he picks it up.

Here's Quin enjoying some delicious yogurt with a side of independence.

Sometimes he will give an applause after nursing which makes me feel really happy.

Here's some adorable applause at a very happy meal.

Daddy taught him to say thank you by handing him a craisin or cashew and saying "thank you" when Quin took it. He doesn't do it every time we give him something. I mean, Quin is pretty great but not that perfect. He'll say thank you sometimes when I give him something but sometimes it's hard to understand and Michael has to translate for me.
Quin loves it when we have other kids around (especially his favorite cousins Joseph and Noah).

Duet with cousin Joseph

One of the most awesome new Quinticisms is he sometimes goes "whee" in the car and stroller, especially when turning corners or speeding up.

Quin loves to go outside.

True Oregonean
Little Farmer

His favorite things to see in our neighborhood are: dogs, the neighbor's garden gnomes and pinwheels, the mailbox with dangling keys and big metal doors to open and shut, and the park. Oddly enough, his favorite thing at the park is the stairs. He went down the slide on his own once but was not that impressed. Now he just climbs up and down and up and down the stairs and pokes bark chips though the holes in the stairs.

He loves the stairs in houses too and will call for daddy at the top of his lungs by the door. In addition to his newfound ability to master stairs, Quin has also learned to climb up on furniture; increasing the need for a vigilant suicide watch (as if that wasn't constantly needed already). He likes to stand up on the coffee table and bend the blinds, which is something I don't like very much.

Quin has so many awesome little quirks. I love watching his little personality develop and the funny things he does to express it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun to be One

We went on a mini family vacation last weekend. Michael's company celebrated it's 50th year in business. They paid for us to stay in a hotel in Wilsonville and provided childcare so we could go to the party. We got the pool to ourselves in the morning and then went out to breakfast together.

Quin loves strollers, carts, really any large pushable plastic object. He also really enjoys kitchen utensils and tupperware, especially in the bathtub. He has a magnetic affinity to the fridge. Whenever we open it he makes a b-line for it and tries to get in before we close it. His favorite refridgerated object is the lemon juice. He always pulls it out when he manages to get in the fridge.
He also likes the dishwasher.

He adores books and doesn't tear the pages anymore. Sometimes after I read him a story he goes back through the book and points and babbles like he's reading the book back to me.

This morning Quin and I waved at the cars that passed us at the bus stop. Most of the people smiled and waved back. Made my day :)
We got him a new coat with his birthday money. He spat up on the tag right after we tried it on him, so we figured we couldn't take it back. It's a little too big but way cute and keeps him super toasty. He likes it!

Sometimes it sounds like he's saying "murder!" when he's really upset.
Sounds like he's saying "tickle tickle" sometimes. One of my favorite things about him is he walks over to us and gives us hugs. He does it on his own initiative to other kids too, and that makes me feel happy. Quin is growing up to be an affectionate boy.
Quin came over to check on us tonight as we were talking and laughing together. He peeked over the couch and then turned around and headed back to his room. Glad he's keeping an eye on his parents. Wouldn't want us to get into trouble :P

I love having a 1 year old! So much fun.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Year Older and Cuter Too!

Happy birthday Quin! His latest trick is clapping. He learned how to do it on his birthday when all his happy party guests were clapping for him. His favorite times to clap are while he walks and when he is happy.
The gluten free cupcakes

Quin's minion birthday cake

 He wasn't so sure about the cupcake at first. It took him a while to eat any of it.

He has an interesting way of sitting. One foot sticks out, with the other folded in.
Rockin' the boy leggings

Now he has 10.5 teeth and still loves to use them on anything he can get his mouth on!
He took his first steps the beginning of December at a playgroup cookie exchange. He was holding an extended green lightsaber and used the force to toddle a few steps before crashing into someone.

He loves the dishwasher and his cousins.


He also loves to sweep. We got him his own mini broom for his birthday.

He has grown so much in one year!