Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Look mom! I'm dancing and babbling

Quin has become a lot more vocal lately. Here is a cute little speech he gave:

Sometimes it seems like Quin runs on raspberries. He's a cute little machine and "ptthhh" is the sound he makes while he's running.
His latest trick is dancing. Before we sleep trained him I would put on 80's pop music and dance him to sleep. He learned to wiggle with me when I started moving (which made it even harder to get him to sleep).
Here is Quin, attentively watching General Conference (the special meeting our church broadcasts twice a year).
We don't usually let him watch TV at home so it was pretty cool to watch grandma's big TV. We usually play with Legos at Grandma Brewster's house while we listen to the uplifting messages. It was Quin's first time with real Legos! He's still probably too young but oh well. It was fun.
Quin loves cousin Noah (the adorable little guy in stripes above). Maybe because he is so close in size. Last weekend he kept following him, crawling as fast as he could to keep up. He likes to watch him walk to try and figure out how to do it. 
He likes the volume and metronome buttons on the piano more than the keys. 
Look Mom! I can touch now!

I was very surprised one diaper change to find several pink and yellow beads (among the usual findings). I took a picture of it but I won't post it because I want you to keep reading my blog. I don't know where or when he ate them but it makes me nervous to think about what else he has/will eat.
Quin likes to taste the sidewalk and leaves when we go outside. Seriously, I can't keep this kid's mouth off anything! Showing here:

He likes keyboards and computer mice. Michael left the room for 30 seconds and by the time he got back, Quin had closed all of his tabs and was about to shut down the computer! It's the computer genius in him. He can't help banging on the keyboard and chewing on computer mice.
While I was working on this post, he banged on my keyboard and somehow opened the developer tools on my browser. I don't even know how to do that! I wouldn't even know what developer tools were if Michael wasn't a computer genius. (Ok, I still don't really know what developer tools are). I have high hopes and expectations for Quin's future!

*update* He opened the developer tools on Michael's computer this morning. If Michael keeps leaving his computer stuff in Quin's reach his computer will be rewired in no time. 

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  1. What an amazing little kid. It looks to me like you have a lot of fun with him.