Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quin's Accomplishments

Quin's latest feat is pulling himself up on furniture. It freaks me out because he often falls soon after accomplishing this, but I'm sure he'll figure out the balance thing eventually.

My mom noted that he is very precussive (he likes to bang on things).
Here is Quin with his makeshift drum set:

Lately when he spits up he still looks really surprised like he doesn't know he was the one that caused it, but after he finds his bearings he likes to play with it. He has smeared it all over the kitchen floor, then crawled it it as I hurried to grab something absorbent.
 This is what it looks like to read on the can while you're 8 months old:
 He got half a cheerio glued to his chin, which amused me:
We have been trying to give him more people food, so today he tried a tomato and some of the zucchini pancake that we had for dinner last night. Such a mess! But it was nice to have him feed himself.
 I made a ring sling and couldn't wait to try it out. Quin was already in bed so I tucked a plushie turret in. It's made out of the same fabric my mother in law used to make our wedding quilt.
 Quin got a new (used) crib! Our nice friends from Bend gave it to us. We had been using a pack n play up till now, but it's getting a little too small for every night. Also, the pack n play was about 3 inches off the ground and this arrangement will break my back a lot less. He really likes it! When we put him in it for the first time he was smiling and crawling around in it, looking at us through the bars.
 Those are the latest Quin accomplishments!