Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tags and Toothpaste

Quin really likes tags (the silky things that tell you how to wash your stuff.) It's funny how we have all these awesome toys for him but if there is a tag on it he will probably ignore the rest of the toy. 
He seems to enjoy brushing his teeth. We did it for the first time with a real toothbrush and toothpaste last night. I don't know whether it felt good or amused him or maybe it was the delicious strawberry flavoring of the toothpaste, but he smiled the whole time. 
He likes to crawl under things, such as the coffee table and piano. This ends up being a problem because he then gets stuck and bonks his head and it ends in tears. Maybe he will like forts when he's older. 
Every night daddy likes to take Quin for a special nighttime walk. They go around the block a few times and Michael points things out to Quin like motorcycles and the moon and talks to him about how life works. They have a really strong bond and I'm so grateful that Michael is taking such an active role in Quin's life. 

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