Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yay Quin!

A boy and his big red cup. Sorry Quin, we won't ever own a dog.

I love Cheerios!
Cheerios are amazing. They are the cereal of early childhood. And late childhood. And adulthood too. Quin is working on his fine motor skills and really concentrates when I put a handful of Cheerios on the high chair table thing. He can get a few in his mouth on his own. Others he holds tight in his fists as he bites half of it off. And most of them end up on the floor or his lap. But that's ok! He's feeding himself and he loves it! Plus he's super occupied and entertained by it.

Quin likes corn too
Helping in the kitchen
Toothbrushing fun.
We are trying to get in the habit of brushing Quin's 6 teeth every night. He seems to be pretty amused by the tickling sensation on his bottom gums but he doesn't like it when we try to brush the top (where 4 out of the 6 teeth reside). At the end of each tooth brushing session we like to give him the toothbrush so he can have a turn. I entered the room just as Michael handed it to Quin. Little Buddy looked up and said "AAAAA!" really loudly as he waved his toothbrush in the air. He was so happy! Then he switched hands and turned the toothbrush upside down and tried to chew on the suction cup at the bottom.
Hiking is hard work!

Sleepy snuggles.
Grandpa doing the magic "sleepy walk"
Quin has been having a rough couple of nights. I'm not sure why he seems to be in pain in the evenings. I have been on antibiotics for mastitis for a week, so maybe stomach problems? I suspect tooth #7 will be making it's debut any day, but I'm not positive it's either of those things. Whatever the issue, I was having another hard time getting him to fall asleep while Michael was at game night. I had been trying to feed him and he didn't seem interested. He was rolling around on the bed moaning in fatigue and what seemed like discomfort. I didn't know what to do next. Rocking hadn't worked, it was getting late, I was getting frustrated. All of a sudden he crawled up on me and laid his head on my shoulder and fell right to sleep. It was a very touching moment. I didn't want to move. I just gazed at his angel face, so glad he was in my life and so glad I got to have this beautiful moment. It was worth all the awful of that evening and every other difficult evening for that matter. He slept for about 7 minutes and then woke up and writhed on the bed some more. But it was worth it! It still is. It always is. As we drove home from church today I sang him some primary songs to try to calm him down. After a few songs it sounded like he was trying to sing along. He does that sometimes when I play primary songs on the piano too. Not sure if it's coincidence but it makes me so happy.

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  1. He really does seem interested in music. He pays attention in singing time! I'm glad you're enjoying him. I think you're a wonderful mother.