Monday, June 23, 2014

Smiles and Slobbery Kisses

I love the 6 month old stage! Quin's personality is showing though and he seems a lot more like a little person than a blob. He is interested in things and likes to explore, but can't get into stuff yet. It's AWESOME!
Quin likes to chew on our faces when he is hungry. One morning when he nomed on to Michael's cheek I said "oh, he's giving you a kiss daddy!" And then he blew a slobbery raspberry on him. That's not quite the same as a kiss.

Quin is really interested in books and paper in general (kinda funny since leaves are also one of his favorite things). He likes to eat them, which is fine for his fuzzy cloth books and even the cardboard ones, but I can't ever let him get a hold of any paper or he slobbers it up.

The other day we went to the mail box to send a letter to Uncle Jason. Immediately after I stepped out the door he puked ALL OVER me. It was pretty funny since the neighbor was right there and saw it. He even got puke on the letter. Sorry Uncle Jason.

Quin is a morning person. He doesn't really cry in the morning when he wakes up. I can ususally hear him moving around and babbling. When he sees me his face lights up in a huge smile and he starts kicking and reaching up to me. When daddy gets home from work he gets the biggest smile of them all and Quin can't wait until he gets to be held and played with by daddy.

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