Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quintimus Maximus

The other night Michael discovered an interesting way to get Quin to fall asleep. He was sitting in front of him looking at him and slowly, Michael started drooping his eyelids. Quin did the same. Then Michael closed his eyes and so did Quin, and they stayed closed! Michael has been really good at getting him to fall asleep. When Quin is really upset he does this thing called "reflexing" him to sleep. He swaddles him, lays him on his side, jiggles him slightly and shushes him. It's from the Happiest Baby on the Block video.

Quin has also started imitating us. He copies our facial expressions and tried to talk when we talk.
He has become a master of the "raspberry," showing here:

He likes to stick his feet up in the air and admire them. I'm sure he would enjoy tasting them too, if he could get them up there. Last week when we went to the beach in New Hampshire, he really enjoyed digging his toes in the sand. He also thought the seaweed was tasty, but we did not approve.

 Inline image 3

For more pictures from our trip see my mom's blog. My mom thought he might like having his toes in the grass too. We decided to try it today since it's nice and sunny. Quin was impressed! He enjoyed grabbing at the grass and trying to pull it out and tasting it while he was on his tummy. We've got a true nature lover in the making! He's always loved looking out the window at the trees. I've just been too scared to take him outside (not to mention too busy writing awesome blog posts).

His favorite song is "Let it Go." No joke. It calms him down every time. He likes to sing and blow raspberries very loudly during Sunday School. Quin did very well on the airplanes (4 of them to be exact). The airport is his favorite place in the world. So much stuff to look at and so many people to walk by me!
On the plane several people commented about what a good baby he was. One person even asked me what I did before the flight to wear him out. He was awake most of the time, jumping on my lap and flirting with the other passengers. I sat by really nice people on the way there who played with him and held him for me. On the way back I had an empty seat next to me on both flights! That was handy. He got his first cold on the plane to New Hampshire and gave it to me and each of my family members. But it didn't seem to bother him aside from making it hard to sleep on his back.
He has two little teeth now. It didn't bother him too much when they were poking through. I kind of suspected he was teething but I had expected him to scream or something. He was just fussier than usual and wanted to constantly chew on our fingers. He still wants to do that now but it really hurts.
Well, I better get back to mommying :)


  1. I think it's great you're recording this. You're making memories!