Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quin is Quite a Baby

This morning when Quin woke up I was still really tired and grumpy. I looked down at him and he smiled up at me! Which made me smile and feel a lot better about being woken up early.
He likes having his face and hair touched. After feeding him early this morning I could tell he was tired but not quite asleep yet. I gently stroked his face and it made him fall asleep.
Quin's favorite letter in the alphabet is W. When I run out of things to say to him I slowly recite the alphabet. He seems to like it. He has such a long attention span! I'm pretty sure it's longer than mine. He is perfectly happy to just stare at your face for hours.
He just started reaching for things and that has been pretty fun. He likes to grab on to the edge of his blanket and hold it.
His favorite music is techno. No, seriously. I think the heavy beat reminds him of my heart beat. When he is upset in the car it can sometimes calm him down and even put him to sleep! I discovered this by accident while listening to a song by the White Stripes.
Yesterday Michael and I took turns holding Quin while we played Uno and Spot it. Every game the person with him on their lap won! He's a good luck charm.

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