Thursday, March 27, 2014

My favorite things

I'm mostly writing this post for me so I can look back on my favorite memories of Quin when he's older. 

Quin loves diapers changes. He cries when they are over.
He likes smiling back at us and babbling. Sometimes he searches for our faces and engages us when he finds them.
He loves playing with daddy and snuggling with mommy.
He enjoys being in the swing. He really likes the bird and butterflies that move above him and tracks them with his eyes.
Quin is usually very alert when he is awake and enjoys looking around at stuff.
When he's in bed he always wriggles his arms and sometimes his feet out of the blanket. He likes to be free.

Quin is incredibly mellow. When he does start to cry he has a really funny squack and he's developing a really adorable pouty lip. 

He doesn't like pacifiers but really enjoys sucking on his knuckles and fingers (but not his thumb). He is pretty good at self soothing that way.

He recently discoveres his hands and feet. He will hold his fist up to his face and move it closer and farther as he studdies it. He also really likes to watch as he slowly kicks his foot out and brings it back in. 

His personality switches between each of the seven dwarves and he has recently started acting bashful. Today I held him in front of a mirror and said "look, it's mommy and Quin!" He gave himself a nervous smile and quickly buried his face in my chest. So cute.

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  1. So great that you are documenting his emerging personality.