Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Quinticisms

Quin has discovered he can suck his thumb. What he hasn't figured out it is what to do with the other fingers, so he pokes himself in the eye.

It makes Quin smile and almost laugh when we stick out our tongues or blow raspberries at him. Michael was sticking his tongue out while changing a diaper and Quin reached up and grabbed it! He is just barely learning to reach out and grab things.

Quin stopped babbling for a little bit while he was discovering his hands and learning how to blow bubbles. This made me very nervous and I was determined to hear him babble again. Every time he makes a noise while I am reading a book or looking at something besides him, I try to look at him and imitate his sound. He has started making a lot more sounds. I can hardly keep up sometimes!

I love it when he gets excited. He will start moving his limbs wildly and breathes faster for a few seconds. It happens at random intervals and I love it.

Today while Michael was holding Quin, Michael had a really loud sneeze that scared Quin and made him cry. But he was already being held so Michael was able to calm him down pretty fast.



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  1. That's my favorite pic so far of the two of you. It's so funny when he moves around in that red coat--like a sea turtle or something.