Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Look mom! I'm dancing and babbling

Quin has become a lot more vocal lately. Here is a cute little speech he gave:

Sometimes it seems like Quin runs on raspberries. He's a cute little machine and "ptthhh" is the sound he makes while he's running.
His latest trick is dancing. Before we sleep trained him I would put on 80's pop music and dance him to sleep. He learned to wiggle with me when I started moving (which made it even harder to get him to sleep).
Here is Quin, attentively watching General Conference (the special meeting our church broadcasts twice a year).
We don't usually let him watch TV at home so it was pretty cool to watch grandma's big TV. We usually play with Legos at Grandma Brewster's house while we listen to the uplifting messages. It was Quin's first time with real Legos! He's still probably too young but oh well. It was fun.
Quin loves cousin Noah (the adorable little guy in stripes above). Maybe because he is so close in size. Last weekend he kept following him, crawling as fast as he could to keep up. He likes to watch him walk to try and figure out how to do it. 
He likes the volume and metronome buttons on the piano more than the keys. 
Look Mom! I can touch now!

I was very surprised one diaper change to find several pink and yellow beads (among the usual findings). I took a picture of it but I won't post it because I want you to keep reading my blog. I don't know where or when he ate them but it makes me nervous to think about what else he has/will eat.
Quin likes to taste the sidewalk and leaves when we go outside. Seriously, I can't keep this kid's mouth off anything! Showing here:

He likes keyboards and computer mice. Michael left the room for 30 seconds and by the time he got back, Quin had closed all of his tabs and was about to shut down the computer! It's the computer genius in him. He can't help banging on the keyboard and chewing on computer mice.
While I was working on this post, he banged on my keyboard and somehow opened the developer tools on my browser. I don't even know how to do that! I wouldn't even know what developer tools were if Michael wasn't a computer genius. (Ok, I still don't really know what developer tools are). I have high hopes and expectations for Quin's future!

*update* He opened the developer tools on Michael's computer this morning. If Michael keeps leaving his computer stuff in Quin's reach his computer will be rewired in no time. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quin's Accomplishments

Quin's latest feat is pulling himself up on furniture. It freaks me out because he often falls soon after accomplishing this, but I'm sure he'll figure out the balance thing eventually.

My mom noted that he is very precussive (he likes to bang on things).
Here is Quin with his makeshift drum set:

Lately when he spits up he still looks really surprised like he doesn't know he was the one that caused it, but after he finds his bearings he likes to play with it. He has smeared it all over the kitchen floor, then crawled it it as I hurried to grab something absorbent.
 This is what it looks like to read on the can while you're 8 months old:
 He got half a cheerio glued to his chin, which amused me:
We have been trying to give him more people food, so today he tried a tomato and some of the zucchini pancake that we had for dinner last night. Such a mess! But it was nice to have him feed himself.
 I made a ring sling and couldn't wait to try it out. Quin was already in bed so I tucked a plushie turret in. It's made out of the same fabric my mother in law used to make our wedding quilt.
 Quin got a new (used) crib! Our nice friends from Bend gave it to us. We had been using a pack n play up till now, but it's getting a little too small for every night. Also, the pack n play was about 3 inches off the ground and this arrangement will break my back a lot less. He really likes it! When we put him in it for the first time he was smiling and crawling around in it, looking at us through the bars.
 Those are the latest Quin accomplishments!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yay Quin!

A boy and his big red cup. Sorry Quin, we won't ever own a dog.

I love Cheerios!
Cheerios are amazing. They are the cereal of early childhood. And late childhood. And adulthood too. Quin is working on his fine motor skills and really concentrates when I put a handful of Cheerios on the high chair table thing. He can get a few in his mouth on his own. Others he holds tight in his fists as he bites half of it off. And most of them end up on the floor or his lap. But that's ok! He's feeding himself and he loves it! Plus he's super occupied and entertained by it.

Quin likes corn too
Helping in the kitchen
Toothbrushing fun.
We are trying to get in the habit of brushing Quin's 6 teeth every night. He seems to be pretty amused by the tickling sensation on his bottom gums but he doesn't like it when we try to brush the top (where 4 out of the 6 teeth reside). At the end of each tooth brushing session we like to give him the toothbrush so he can have a turn. I entered the room just as Michael handed it to Quin. Little Buddy looked up and said "AAAAA!" really loudly as he waved his toothbrush in the air. He was so happy! Then he switched hands and turned the toothbrush upside down and tried to chew on the suction cup at the bottom.
Hiking is hard work!

Sleepy snuggles.
Grandpa doing the magic "sleepy walk"
Quin has been having a rough couple of nights. I'm not sure why he seems to be in pain in the evenings. I have been on antibiotics for mastitis for a week, so maybe stomach problems? I suspect tooth #7 will be making it's debut any day, but I'm not positive it's either of those things. Whatever the issue, I was having another hard time getting him to fall asleep while Michael was at game night. I had been trying to feed him and he didn't seem interested. He was rolling around on the bed moaning in fatigue and what seemed like discomfort. I didn't know what to do next. Rocking hadn't worked, it was getting late, I was getting frustrated. All of a sudden he crawled up on me and laid his head on my shoulder and fell right to sleep. It was a very touching moment. I didn't want to move. I just gazed at his angel face, so glad he was in my life and so glad I got to have this beautiful moment. It was worth all the awful of that evening and every other difficult evening for that matter. He slept for about 7 minutes and then woke up and writhed on the bed some more. But it was worth it! It still is. It always is. As we drove home from church today I sang him some primary songs to try to calm him down. After a few songs it sounded like he was trying to sing along. He does that sometimes when I play primary songs on the piano too. Not sure if it's coincidence but it makes me so happy.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tags and Toothpaste

Quin really likes tags (the silky things that tell you how to wash your stuff.) It's funny how we have all these awesome toys for him but if there is a tag on it he will probably ignore the rest of the toy. 
He seems to enjoy brushing his teeth. We did it for the first time with a real toothbrush and toothpaste last night. I don't know whether it felt good or amused him or maybe it was the delicious strawberry flavoring of the toothpaste, but he smiled the whole time. 
He likes to crawl under things, such as the coffee table and piano. This ends up being a problem because he then gets stuck and bonks his head and it ends in tears. Maybe he will like forts when he's older. 
Every night daddy likes to take Quin for a special nighttime walk. They go around the block a few times and Michael points things out to Quin like motorcycles and the moon and talks to him about how life works. They have a really strong bond and I'm so grateful that Michael is taking such an active role in Quin's life. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7 Months of Awesome!

One morning Quin woke up and was CRAZY. The mellow immobile blob is now an energetic crawling tiny man. 

His favorite things to taste while army crawling around are cords, other people's house plants, and loose papers.
He and I practice the piano together almost every day and he loves it. I didn't want him to think it was ok to bang on the piano but I learned that  early exposure might set him up for success. Much like how using crayons is the precursor to writing. 

Quin is very affectionate. Well, I'm assuming what he's doing to me is affection. He reaches out to touch our faces (and then sometimes grabs onto them) and even gives slobbery "kisses". 

He likes strangers and flirts with almost everyone. This either means he thinks the world is a safe place or he doesn't have a strong attachment to his parents, depending on which authority on parenting you are talking to. I've stopped taking every single piece of parenting advice to heart and that's a good thing because I have a lot less guilt and am probably a better mother. 
Quin is a great little travel buddy. We drove to Boise with my dad for Great Grandpa Dodge's funeral. He was understandably fussy for a kid who had to sit in a car seat for hours in a car with no air conditioner, but I thought he did really well. Grandpa was very empathetic and helpful and it was such a delight to spend time with him. 

He showed us around Hood River where he grew up and that was really special. 
Quin has five teeth going on six. He likes to try them out on furniture legs and wayward fingers. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Post About The Coast!

Last weekend we went to a Brewster family reunion at Harris Beach State Park near Brookings, OR. It was super fun! Quin was a very happy camper and loved being outside all the time.

We explored some awesome tidepools.
Quin slept through the tide pooling. As well as all the other outings.
The starfish are hugging!
We went hiking in the Redwoods.
Played on the beach.
Michael playing in the water with Quin

Tasty sand!
We brought shovels and dug a hang out ditch.

Quin slept really well. I had been really worried about naps and the early light and noises, but it was totally fine!
We watched The Lego Movie on a projector.
It was a really great vacation!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Smiles and Slobbery Kisses

I love the 6 month old stage! Quin's personality is showing though and he seems a lot more like a little person than a blob. He is interested in things and likes to explore, but can't get into stuff yet. It's AWESOME!
Quin likes to chew on our faces when he is hungry. One morning when he nomed on to Michael's cheek I said "oh, he's giving you a kiss daddy!" And then he blew a slobbery raspberry on him. That's not quite the same as a kiss.

Quin is really interested in books and paper in general (kinda funny since leaves are also one of his favorite things). He likes to eat them, which is fine for his fuzzy cloth books and even the cardboard ones, but I can't ever let him get a hold of any paper or he slobbers it up.

The other day we went to the mail box to send a letter to Uncle Jason. Immediately after I stepped out the door he puked ALL OVER me. It was pretty funny since the neighbor was right there and saw it. He even got puke on the letter. Sorry Uncle Jason.

Quin is a morning person. He doesn't really cry in the morning when he wakes up. I can ususally hear him moving around and babbling. When he sees me his face lights up in a huge smile and he starts kicking and reaching up to me. When daddy gets home from work he gets the biggest smile of them all and Quin can't wait until he gets to be held and played with by daddy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quintimus Maximus

The other night Michael discovered an interesting way to get Quin to fall asleep. He was sitting in front of him looking at him and slowly, Michael started drooping his eyelids. Quin did the same. Then Michael closed his eyes and so did Quin, and they stayed closed! Michael has been really good at getting him to fall asleep. When Quin is really upset he does this thing called "reflexing" him to sleep. He swaddles him, lays him on his side, jiggles him slightly and shushes him. It's from the Happiest Baby on the Block video.

Quin has also started imitating us. He copies our facial expressions and tried to talk when we talk.
He has become a master of the "raspberry," showing here:

He likes to stick his feet up in the air and admire them. I'm sure he would enjoy tasting them too, if he could get them up there. Last week when we went to the beach in New Hampshire, he really enjoyed digging his toes in the sand. He also thought the seaweed was tasty, but we did not approve.

 Inline image 3

For more pictures from our trip see my mom's blog. My mom thought he might like having his toes in the grass too. We decided to try it today since it's nice and sunny. Quin was impressed! He enjoyed grabbing at the grass and trying to pull it out and tasting it while he was on his tummy. We've got a true nature lover in the making! He's always loved looking out the window at the trees. I've just been too scared to take him outside (not to mention too busy writing awesome blog posts).

His favorite song is "Let it Go." No joke. It calms him down every time. He likes to sing and blow raspberries very loudly during Sunday School. Quin did very well on the airplanes (4 of them to be exact). The airport is his favorite place in the world. So much stuff to look at and so many people to walk by me!
On the plane several people commented about what a good baby he was. One person even asked me what I did before the flight to wear him out. He was awake most of the time, jumping on my lap and flirting with the other passengers. I sat by really nice people on the way there who played with him and held him for me. On the way back I had an empty seat next to me on both flights! That was handy. He got his first cold on the plane to New Hampshire and gave it to me and each of my family members. But it didn't seem to bother him aside from making it hard to sleep on his back.
He has two little teeth now. It didn't bother him too much when they were poking through. I kind of suspected he was teething but I had expected him to scream or something. He was just fussier than usual and wanted to constantly chew on our fingers. He still wants to do that now but it really hurts.
Well, I better get back to mommying :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Green Eggs and... Milk?

This morning I read Green Eggs and Ham to Quin. He didn't seem very interested but I really enjoyed it. I thought he was hungry after we finished the story, so I tried to get him to eat. He was having a hard time latching on, so I said "Would you, could you, on my lap? Would you, could you, milk on tap?" "Will you eat it on a couch? Will you eat it in a slouch?"
I love being mommy.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quin is Quite a Baby

This morning when Quin woke up I was still really tired and grumpy. I looked down at him and he smiled up at me! Which made me smile and feel a lot better about being woken up early.
He likes having his face and hair touched. After feeding him early this morning I could tell he was tired but not quite asleep yet. I gently stroked his face and it made him fall asleep.
Quin's favorite letter in the alphabet is W. When I run out of things to say to him I slowly recite the alphabet. He seems to like it. He has such a long attention span! I'm pretty sure it's longer than mine. He is perfectly happy to just stare at your face for hours.
He just started reaching for things and that has been pretty fun. He likes to grab on to the edge of his blanket and hold it.
His favorite music is techno. No, seriously. I think the heavy beat reminds him of my heart beat. When he is upset in the car it can sometimes calm him down and even put him to sleep! I discovered this by accident while listening to a song by the White Stripes.
Yesterday Michael and I took turns holding Quin while we played Uno and Spot it. Every game the person with him on their lap won! He's a good luck charm.

My Mother's Laugh

I have missed my parents a lot more than I thought possible since they moved to the east coast. Luckily there is always Sunday. It's the day I usually talk to my parents and occasionally we video chat so they can see their grandson. Today as I talked to my dad, I heard my mom laugh in the background. I was instantly, unexpectedly filled with warmth inside. I could feel her soft hugs and smell her unique scent. Her laugh is the sound I crave the most. To make my mom laugh would mean I had something really special to do or say. It is the sound of approval. The most beautiful sound in the world. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My favorite things

I'm mostly writing this post for me so I can look back on my favorite memories of Quin when he's older. 

Quin loves diapers changes. He cries when they are over.
He likes smiling back at us and babbling. Sometimes he searches for our faces and engages us when he finds them.
He loves playing with daddy and snuggling with mommy.
He enjoys being in the swing. He really likes the bird and butterflies that move above him and tracks them with his eyes.
Quin is usually very alert when he is awake and enjoys looking around at stuff.
When he's in bed he always wriggles his arms and sometimes his feet out of the blanket. He likes to be free.

Quin is incredibly mellow. When he does start to cry he has a really funny squack and he's developing a really adorable pouty lip. 

He doesn't like pacifiers but really enjoys sucking on his knuckles and fingers (but not his thumb). He is pretty good at self soothing that way.

He recently discoveres his hands and feet. He will hold his fist up to his face and move it closer and farther as he studdies it. He also really likes to watch as he slowly kicks his foot out and brings it back in. 

His personality switches between each of the seven dwarves and he has recently started acting bashful. Today I held him in front of a mirror and said "look, it's mommy and Quin!" He gave himself a nervous smile and quickly buried his face in my chest. So cute.