Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summer in Review

Here's us enjoying the 4th of July from two months ago:

Michael and I ran in the mini marathon (2.6 miles). It was so hot and we hated it. After that we watched the parade in Monmouth. We watched the parade with the Brewster side of the family and then went home after the annual Brewster hot dogs and hamburger lunch. We set off our own fireworks in the driveway with the Dodges. 

At church the Sunday School teacher asked for a volunteer for the opening prayer. Ammon's hand shot up, so I said the prayer. 

We have really enjoyed having my family in the area. One of my favorite things about them is theye love to go places and do things. We have gone on so many awesome outings with them lately!

We went to the zoo with my Mom and Trevor and Curtis on the cheap day. Heed my warning: NEVER GO TO THE ZOO ON THE CHEAP DAY IN JULY. We arrived at the parking lot half an hour after the zoo opened and the lot was full. It took an hour and a half to get gas, find the overflow parking, and board a school bus shuttle. Ammon and Quin did so good! They stayed so calm even though I was hyperventilating and possibly screaming.
Calm baby amid the stress

Puppy hat! It's the only hat he'll keep on

Elephant Ears

Quin wasn't very interested in the animals. He just wanted to play in a play area. Good thing we spent lots of money for you to play in the park! But towards the end he was really into the penguins and sea lions.

Quality Grandpa time

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Super Quin!

Fudge facial
 *Insert fudgesicle video*

We went to the Gilbert museum with my mom, her sister, and Trevor and Curtis.

We've enjoyed lots of fruit picking with Grandma. We went a little crazy on the peaches and picked about 120 pounds. We couldn't help it! They were so beautiful and scrumptious and easy to pick.

Had to read "Blueberries for Sal" after blueberry picking

The big boys kept the little boys busy while we canned the peaches we picked. 

We hiked McDowel Creek Falls with my family.

Scored a cheap swing set at a garage sale.

Quality Grandma time
Curtis, Trevor, and grandpa cut down several trees in our backyard. It looks so much bigger! Now there is room for badminton, baseball, and a chicken coop.

Quin informed me that he plans to wear his Captain America costume when he gets married.
My dad, Curtis, Trevor, and Michael helped replace the fence. Quin helped, too.

The Olsen Family Reunion!

We stopped at Safeway on the way. Quin offered Michael some of his doughnut. When he refused and explained that doughnuts make him sick, Quin thought for a minute and the then said “do you want a sprinkle?” Offering one from the doughnut.

We hiked Cape Lookout. Michael and I did this hike right before we found out we were expecting Quin. During the whole hike I kept commenting about how it will be a long time before we could do hikes once we had kids. Nope, you can totally hike with kids! Micheal carried Quin on his back most of the way. At one point Mike was beat boxing while Quin sang a free style rap type of song.

We visited the Tillamook air museum. Quin and I spent about half an hour in a mini Guppy, a really hot cargo plane that was parked outside the museum. He loved buckling and unbuckling the seat belt and pretending we were going to outer space.
Ready for takeoff in the Mini Guppy 

 Tillamook cheese factory.

Trevor won the chess tournament

Rock painting with Uncle Ken, the resident kid-entertainer

Jason and Isa stayed a week after the family reunion. They brought their grill and made some amazing Brazillian style steak. Definitely the kind of people you want to make friends with if you're not already related to them.

One week later, Brewster family reunion and the Great American Eclipse
I made eclipse T shirts

Attempted family photo during the light of the partial eclipse

Ammon LOVES dogs

And hats

 How we watched the eclipse:
Ammon slept through most of it. He woke up right before totality.

Quin says “the Moon is coming down” and seems to think there is a solar eclipse every evening. Or whenever he can't see the sun.

It was real, it was fun, but I'M SO HAPPY TO BE HOME.

Hanging out with a cool cat named Curtis
Hanging out with an actual cat named Tippy. Quin calls her "Tipper cat"
Enjoying some of the last blackberries of the summer
Saving the day every day is so exhausting

Here're some adorable tidbits:
I fed Ammon oatmeal the other day an he giggled each time the spoon went into his mouth.
Ammon was feeling jealous one morning when Quin got a lollipop and he didn't. I had Quin give him one. He almost reverently placed it on his tongue and then held it out and laughed.
Ammon likes to talk to most people. He says German-sounding words and nods his head while he speaks. Ammon loves to walk outside and says hi to everyone. Laugh when you put something yummy in his mouth. Gives wet open mouth kisses over and over. Loves to talk at the dinner table and sing.
Ammon took his first steps August 5th! My mom taught him how to walk and is teaching him how to talk next. She calls it the "babies to boys program.
“Da” = Michael. He sometimes says "Hi da." when Michael gets home from work. Ammon always makes a b-line for Michael as soon as he walks through the door. He expects to be promptly hugged by daddy as soon as he reaches him. If he doesn't get his daddy hug he gets pretty frustrated.
Can say “gah” for go

Said “ca” for car
He said "ah dah" when he was all done eating today.

Quin was blowing raspberries and I said "that's called blowing raspberries." He said "No, I'm not blowing raspberries. I'm blowing blackberries. And blueberries."
I asked him if he liked the new crackers we found at Costco and he replied with "no, it's too expensive." Well, I guess that's probably true, thanks for pointing it out.
We discovered the 1960 Captain America TV show and Quin is a huge fan. Unfortunately he seems to hit his brother more often when he watches superhero TV so I was trying to get him to watch something else. I suggested Phineas and Pherb and he exclaimed "No! That's too violent!"
Quin: "He's a small boy and you're a big, smart girl"

I can't believe you read that entire blog post. My life isn't even that interesting! But thanks :) Have a great day.